StemwaveTherapy Testimonials

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Stem wave therapy! The therapy has worked wonders on my shoulder which I injured due to a fall about 8 months ago. The fall caused a torn rotator cuff confirmed by an MRI ordered by Dr. Early. Although I underwent PT, it was doing nothing for the inflammation. Stem wave targeted inflammation and after 4 treatments I was able to move my arm and shoulder without the associated pain. Dr. Early is one of the best doctors I have ever known."
- Jacqulyn Carlisle

"I started getting Stem wave therapy after a car accident in February. Began treatment on my left shoulder and saw a difference after the first session. After a few weeks of treatment, my shoulder was back to normal. I’m now with very minimal to no pain and back to normal range of motion. I have now started treatment on my back muscles and look forward to these results."
- Paola Guerrero 

"I’ve been receiving Stem Wave Therapy for the past 3 weeks.  Although I’ve received only 5 treatments to date, I’ve noticed a decided difference in my back pain.  The frequency and intensity of pain has been significantly reduced, without a change in my daily activities.  I’m inclined to believe that this improvement in my condition is the result of the therapy.  With a few more treatments and additional recovery time, I’m hopeful that my chronic pain will dwindle to a very low level."
- Marge Myles

"I’ve been receiving Stem Wave Therapy for the past 3 weeks.  After only the first two treatments, I noticed a significant improvement in the nerve and muscle pain that has radiated down into my legs for the past several months.  My sleep has improved as a result, and I believe that the treatments are working well to solve the underlying causes of my pain."
- Mike Myles

"Dr. Paul has been a major support in my life over the years from a seized neck from watching successive play-off games while sitting on a soft couch, curing a debilitating back pain a year ago and now the intro of Stem Wave technology. The solution to my lower back pain which had sidelined me for at least two years opened a number of avenues which led to using Stem Wave on my right knee. I can Now climb stairs without using the rail. I am an old guy who has abused my body over the years through various amateur sports and it is great to have Dr. Paul to ease my pain."

- Bill Bagot

"Having had shingles several years prior, living with sporadic nerve pain was something I had accepted as my new norm. Nerve testing revealed my nerves were working just fine. I was out of options to deal with random nerve pain that concentrated in my hands, legs, and feet causing pain and numbness often resulting in loss of sleep on a daily basis. 

Since completing a round of Stem wave treatments in my right shoulder where the shingles originated, I’m living mostly pain free and am not waking up due to pain in my feet. I didn’t fully realize how much pain I was living with when I didn’t have to. My quality of life is so much better. I feel closer to normal, free from the constant chronic pain that used to be my norm. Stem wave treatment is the only change I’ve made so I credit it for resolving the inflammation along my nerves. I can’t recommend it any more than from my own personal experience. It works! It can help give you your life back by resetting your normal mind."
- Carrie Huntington 

"Eleven years ago, after having my hips replaced, I started having shoulder pain. The arthritis quickly worsened to the point I couldn’t sleep on my side, reach above my head or behind my back. I saw an Orthopedic Surgeon at a well-known University Medical Center in North Carolina who, after looking at my X-rays, advised a replacement of both shoulders. With replaced shoulders there is a severe restriction on the amount of weight you can lift so I opted just to do the best I could with the steady help of anti-inflammatory medication.

When Dr. Paul told me about steam wave, I was skeptical but decided to go ahead and try it. After the first treatment I noticed immediate improvement and after completing treatment on both shoulders I had full mobility. I can sleep on my side and unbutton my shirt cuffs behind my back. I am reluctant to use the word miracle but feel liberated from eleven years of pain and discomfort."

- David Howell 

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