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I didn’t know what to expect prior to my first adjustment.

Dual Award

Now, I describe the feeling to all my clients as “allowing your spine to breath.” I assure you this is a positive sensation to have.

At first, I figured I was in good health, so what can Chiropractic do for me? Plenty! My body feels better in that: I have more energy, feel way more limber, don’t have the physical exhaustion of tight musculature, and I know my health is positively impacted for the future.

I ate breakfast one morning with Dr. Andy Krantz who told me “Chiropractic is the best kept secret.”

I was personal training at the time, and after him telling me the story, two weeks later I had fully enrolled in school, and two weeks after that was taking classes. “Chiropractic embodied what I believed about health. Work to take care of yourself and your body will. It is a simple yet extraordinary concept of how our body works for us.”

I graduated from Samford University in 2006 with his degree in Fitness and Health Promotion placing importance on exercise physiology. I am a health expert! Then I went onto Life University and graduated with Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2010. The emphasis of his study included anatomy and physiology, nutrition, vertebral biomechanics, x-ray theory, diagnosis, and chiropractic adjusting techniques.

I want people’s initial experience to be relief from their physical discomfort.

Then they can weigh the pro’s and con’s of routine care. I get adjusted every three weeks to one month, because I want my body working for me, instead of me having to accommodate to my body. Depending on your level of activity, and I do like people to be active; will be a factor in determining what a helpful care plan for you will be. I want to help people achieve goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle that permits them to be at the top of their game in whatever they choose to do. I want the patient to: be informed, know their options, and help them make the best choice for them.

Growing Up in Canton

Dr. Paul was a graduate from Canton’s Cherokee County High School where he was a 4 year varsity letter-man and 3 year team captain of the wrestling team. “I’ve been active my whole life, and I want to give back to the great community I was raised in.” Dr. Paul loves to exercise, participate in races, and is an avid water skier who can often be found on Allatoona Lake doing just that. “I grew up skiing since I was six years old and want to be able to do it well into when I’m 70.”

Dr. Paul has been inspired by the team of doctors he works with, especially his father Dr. Bill Early, wants to help in the community. “I want to continue what has been started here at Medical Associates (of North Georgia), continue the legacy of my dad and work to build the community by delivering the highest quality healthcare that can be provided.”

Dr. Paul started his own family into Chiropractic care and plays an instrumental role as an advocate for health with many individuals. “I notice that active people tend to inspire others to do the same, not by provoking, but merely just by doing it.” Dr. Paul gets routinely adjusted once every 3-4 weeks on average. “I need to maintain my spine integrity, especially for my health, if I’m going to be able to do this job my entire professional career. But, at the end of it all, I really want to still enjoy life, and do what I want to do when I finally lighten my workload.”

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